Fascinated and amazed after watching his first hypnosis show, Alan immediately began the exploration of the subconscious mind.  How could hypnotized volunteers' behaviors change so quickly and effectively?  He attended too many hypnosis trainings to count, continued to hone his public speaking skills, and pursued academic study of the brain.  Along the way he hypnotized thousands and discovered that the images that are placed  in people's subconscious minds largely determine their behavior.  So he put the image of helping others understand how this happens into his own mind.  Now corporations and associations all over the USA bring him in to experience his "Let's Change Behavior!" Presentation.  In this hilarious keynote, audience members witness firsthand as Alan hypnotizes some of the audience members and places different images directly into their subconscious minds to demonstrate how these images affect their behavior.  Then he offers easy, practical ways to take control of their subconscious minds. It's wild, fun, fast paced, intriguing, and will show your audience how to acquire new productive habits quickly and easily, and stay motivated for the long term.

Quick facts:

  • Alan graduated from the United States Air Force Academy

  • Earned an MBA from St. Edward's University

  • Is a Certified Hypnotist

  • Is a Distinguished Toastmaster, and realized very early on, when first starting giving Toastmaster speeches, that he had an uncanny knack for putting his audiences to sleep!